The Benefits of Upgrading and Extending Your Investment

Upgrade your machine and extend your investment with CPS. 

Once a machine reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can be easy to decide to dispose of it and purchase a new one. But before deciding to purchase a new model or machine, it’s imperative to assess the benefits of upgrading, and the subsequent implications it can have in extending your investment. 

Although this decision involves evaluating several factors, upgrading can be significantly beneficial in the long term – which is an important decision to consider. By understanding the advantages of upgrading, businesses can look to extend their investment and capitalise on this total business solution. 

Cost effectiveness 

In many scenarios, one of the number one reasons for upgrading over purchasing brand-new is the cost effectiveness of the solution. The initial costs of buying new machines or systems can be substantial, whereas upgrading not only significantly reduces cost of ownership while increasing machine availability, it also ensures longevity of your investment. 

Familiarity with the machine 

Upgrading your existing machine requires a smaller adjustment period, as your employees will already be largely familiar with the current systems in place. Consequently, this will lead to a smoother transition, minimising disruption to productivity and the workflows already in place. 

Integration with existing processes 

Upgrading additionally allows businesses to support their existing infrastructure – whether that be systems, processes or software. Whereas a new machine may require significant changes, with potential compatibility issues, upgrading can help businesses maintain their existing workflow without disruption. 

Compliance and compatibility 

It’s important to be aware how some industry regulations may have an impact on the machinery used – upgrading can reduce this impact. Some industries require extensive approval processes for new equipment, but upgrading can help to bypass some of those processes and get workflows up and running faster. 

Sustainable solutions 

Upgrading your existing equipment can be more environmentally sustainable than purchasing all new machinery and equipment. By extending the lifespan, and your investment, this reduces the need for manufacturing new products, lowering carbon emissions, reducing waste, and minimising your environmental impact. 

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