Developed by our sister organisation, Enterprise Cash Management, our software solutions are built with data in mind.

Data & Analytics

Software solutions for every stakeholder in the cash cycle.

Real-time visibility and full traceability of your data systems

Manage your end-to-end cash cycle with data-driven solutions

Balancing control & visibility with productivity & flexibility

New Centralised Control – Data analysis on machine that will assist with shift performance, capacity planning, banknote suitability, component failure.

The open architecture of our solutions allows you to optimise data capture and analysis. We believe that your data belongs to you, so you do not need to come to us to access it from our software or hardware.

We have an existing trialled and tested platform from which we build bespoke data analytics solutions for our individual customers’ needs, based on recording the serial number to create per note data analytics.

Across the cash cycle banknote data is gathered. Serial number reading (OCR) enables data to be traced to each individual banknote. Data is recorded at the banknote printer, it can be recorded at the central bank, commercial banks, cash in transit companies and in some countries, it is even recorded at every ATM. Data is gathered by the sorting machines, and cash supply chain platforms such as ECM™.

Software solutions powered by Enterprise Cash Management: