Manage the authenticity, fitness and supply of cash through its lifecycle from production to destruction, as well as optimise banknote design and forecast demand.

Enabling Central Banks: Managing Cash Authenticity, Fitness, and Supply Throughout its Lifecycle.

Our solutions empower central banks to oversee the authenticity, fitness, and supply of cash from production to destruction, while also optimising banknote design and forecasting demand.

Safeguard your reputation through cost-effective innovative solutions focused around security and efficiency, maintaining the fitness and authenticity of banknotes in circulation.

Collect per-note data using serial number reading (OCR) and turn data into information enabling you to manage cash in circulation, meet and forecast demand and optimise future banknote design.

Increase control and visibility of your cash through our market-leading cash supply chain platform ECM™.

Track cash inventory in real-time and create secure audit trails within one cash centre or across multiple sites through ECM™ and superior OCR technology.

Ensure the fitness of every banknote in circulation through central bank auditing of the commercial sector.

Authenticate, classify and fitness sort banknotes efficiently at the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Securely destroy and remove unfit banknotes from circulation through our integrated destruction solutions.

Remove counterfeits from circulation and track them back to source by tracking the movement of every banknote across the cash cycle.

Optimise processing efficiency through a tailored service & support package with a focus on preventative maintenance and
on-site upgrades with minimal disruption.

Deliver consistently high levels of performance through superior design and architecture of our solutions and tailored service & support packages, reducing cost of ownership.